Ok so this is my first rant... let see how it goes. 

So there is this club called cloud nine right, open on king street from 10-11am saturday nights, with some of the best Dj's from melbourne performing each and every week!... sounds too goo to be true right??

your right...

Its full of juice and every other drug! cloud nine is an excuse to listen to the same music over and over for 10+ hours in a night while taking literally "Everything under the sun"... this club is a joke due to its strong affiliation with not so reputable characters and people who "go out to blow out".

Out the front of a normal club there is a taxi rank right? for all the people heading off home or to another venue/place. this seems normal right? well for cloud nine.. instead of a taxi rank.. there is one for ambulances... this is due to the proneness for blow outs at this so called "Best night in melbourne", this is a joke. surely the cops would realise how much of a drug den this place really is a shut it down! people are blowing out like children's birthday candles on a cake... going one by one till they are all blown out. 

the worst party is that cops are standing out the fron the whole night due to it being king street and they do at every club, but the fact that people are still stupid enough to keep going and take no notice of what will happen to them if caught dealing or in possession of GHB. Are they all Think as a door!! what is wrong with you!
a 17yr old girl was arrested a few weeks back for the possession and distribution of GHB... WHAT ARE YOU TELLING YOUR PARENTS!! "Hey mum just going to a friends place and staying there"...

Are your parents dumb!! people need to grow up and realise that what they are doing to themselves and others is a dangerous thing. with the way things are going, police are going to crack down ever harder and close the night club industry and make lockouts and shut places earlier... and even then raid places all the time and catch you... be smart about this and drop it all...
 just stop and learn that its stupid... gross and god damn dangerous. 

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