Ok.. well im not one to rant but the amount of times i heard Will Sparks New song The Viking On the weekend has officially killed the song for me... 
Every Dj at cloud nine woud have played it, and im not a fan of cloud nine to begin with, but when i hear the same song every time i go there to each different level... makes me want to go to the rooftop and jump!
Dj's need to understand that yes... playing will sparks is a good thing, but with some variety and learning when a song is being played a million times, that people get sick of it. FIND SOMETHING NEW!!!
There are plenty of other good songs out at the moment! you dont have to drop will sparks just to see all the young girls scream, literally every girl and guy in there will wiggle to whatever you play! you could play something from 5 years ago and they will find a way to rock out their juicy ass's to it!
So take a note Dj's play something NEW!!

on Another note: The Drug scene....

 its gross and makes you smell like shit....
The theory of smelling like shit, relates to how god damn hard you are going to wiggle on it! you will therefore sweat and smell! learn that if you want to pick up chicks, they dont pick up with guys who smell like ass! if your going to do it at least take some deodorant! Learn what i am preaching! 

Rant over.

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