Wet YourSelf Wednesdays at Tramp:

This Night we have been wanting to host since it first started, with headlining acts such as Will Sparks, Orkestrated and Zac Depetro, its an event unlike others. Till Sunrise is looking forward to hosting this event and bring it to the next level. 
we are looking for hosts and promoters to come join the team and make som easy money to party with the crew and have a good time. 
We are wanting to hold another event in the next month and a half so your quick response would be appreciated. 
This night will be unlike anything else, with props for the night that are to make the eyes amazed as well as the women who literally wet themselves in tramp so its a great place to be Guys!

Come down and show your support for the night with massive acts set to headline as well as great drink prices and 

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